Yes, your deposits are quite secure, since the loan providers ask the borrowers to deposit crypto assets themselves, as security for the loan. Most providers ask for a ‘loan-to-value’ ratio of at least 50%, meaning that if a borrower wants $1000 they’ll need to deposit $2000 worth of e.g USDT as security for the loan.

Crypto savings accounts work very similar to your regular bank account. Instead of lending the money to your bank you lend your coins to an institution in the crypto space, which lends your coins to borrowers in need of liquidity.

How does crypto saving and lending work?

Are my deposits safe?

Learn about our partner POKKET

POKKET just launched a new lending product. It’s very easy to work with and the interest rates are amongst the best in the market. The maturities are 14, 30 and 90 days. Thus you can choose for how long you want to deposit your money, depending on your flexibility

Interest rates











Your bonus as a Fractal user

As a special welcome for Fractal users, POKKET gifts you $10 and an additional 0.01% interest rate if you deposit at least $10 into their new lending product. But be quick since this offer is limited to the first 400 users to participate. 


How to unlock your welcome bonus:

1. Register a new account with POKKET by following this link

2. Create new Lending of at least $10 with your new account

3. Get your $10 bonus and earn passive income 

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