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What's special about Centralex

Centralex is building the crypto exchange of the future, and invites you to be part of their ambitious vision.The exchange is suitable for people from all levels of experience – whether you’re a beginner or advanced trader – you will feel at home on Centralex. Beginners won't feel overwhelmed but advanced traders can still find sophisticated trading tools at their disposal.


Beyond this magnificent user experience, the exchange has multiple other exciting reasons for traders to sign up: including trading fees that are up to 73% cheaper than the industry average of 0.25%, an ongoing two-level referral program, remarkable token features, and a rewards program that gives token holders a share in the company’s success!


Centralex has partnered with re-known strategic partners in the cryptocurrency industry, including Chainalysis, Simplex, SiwftX, GlobalCrypto and Fractal ID.

CenX Token Initial Launch Offering

Partner with Centralex’s ambitions and success by investing in their “Initial Launch Offering”. Their unique ILO is offering the exchange’s native “CenX” utility tokens for $0.03 at pre-sale.


Once pre-sale is closed, the ILO goes public on the decentralized Uniswap exchange, where Centralex will be committing 60% of all raised funds to ensure a reliable liquidity pool and a strengthened CenX token price. Thus, the token will be immediately tradable and stake-able after the ILO. The team anticipates the price to stabilize at around $0.15 during this phase - an increase in value of 500%.


With this strategic tokenomics model, a distinctive staking protocol, token-holder trading discounts, and the “Cen Split” rewards program based on the exchange’s success, the company is confident in a rising value of the CenX token.

  • “Cen Split” Program: Rewards all token holders with a share in the company’s success every quarter via an aidrop to their CenX wallet.

  • Staking: Users are rewarded for staking CenX tokens in their wallets, with daily snapshots of user wallets and rewards being distributed accordingly.

  • Deflationary: The smart contract of the token includes a burning feature, whereby a certain amount of tokens are burnt each year, to ensure there is less supply whilst demand increases.

  • Governance: Users holding CenX tokens will have a right to vote on new exchange features, token listings, and other planned implementations, with the amount of tokens held determining the size of the user’s vote.

Other Token features

Trading Fees

The average cryptocurrency trading fee is 0.25% of a trade. Centralex’s fees are 0.095% for both makers and takers. And if you are a CenX token holder, and select to pay your fees in CenX, your fees are reduced to 0.07125%! That is a total of 73% less than the average crypto trading fee!

Referral Program

Centralex’s team designed a unique referral program, whereby users can earn a portion of the fees of not only friends they have referred, but also for referrals coming from their friends. 


Whereas crypto exchanges today offer only a one-level referral program, Centralex offers a two-stage referral program. 


How it works: If User 1 refers a friend (User 2), User 1 will earn 25% of the trading fees from user 2. If User 2 then refers one of his/her friends (User 3), User 2 will earn 25% of User 3’s trading fees and User 1 will also earn 5% of User 3’s trading fees.


Centralex have first and foremost designed an outstanding exchange that is set to be a favourite for beginner and advanced traders alike. Moreover, the passionate team has created an elaborate business model that rewards users for investing in their platform, and builds a passionate and loyal community incentivised to drive growth!

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